Treating Lung Patients with Hands Over Their Heads with Alpha Cradle® HS2 Forms

Treating Lung Patients with Hands Over Their Heads with Alpha Cradle® Forms Sheila R. Polansky, RTRT University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, Texas The purpose of this paper will be to demonstrate the necessity of the ALPHA CRADLE® brand Patient Repositioning System, specifically, the head and shoulder 2 form, HS2, while resolving three specific problems. […]

Implementation of the Three Field Electron Wrap-Around Technique for Extensive Recurrent Chest Wall Carcinoma: Dosimetric and Clinical Considerations

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE THREE FIELD ELECTRON WRAP-AROUND TECHNIQUE FOR EXTENSIVE RECURRENT CHEST WALL CARCINOMA: DOSIMETRIC AND CLINICAL CONSIDERATION Mollye Norris, AS, RTRT, CMD St. Luke’s Hospital Kansas City, Missouri INTRODUCTION Radiation Therapy (RT) Extensive recurrent chest wall carcinoma is a geometric challenge for the Radiation Oncology team. The direct skin involvement often extends from the […]

Immobilization Device For Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy For Hodgkin’s Disease

IMMOBILIZATION DEVICE FOR PATIENTS UNDERGOING RADIATION THERAPY FOR HODGKIN’S DISEASE By Gunilla C. Bentel, RN, RTT Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina INTRODUCTION Hodgkin’s disease is a quite curable disease which strikes approximately 7400 young Americans annually, the majority of them less than 35 years old. This disease, which earlier was considered fatal, is […]

Minimizing Radiation Dose to the Heart Through Use of the Alpha Cradle® Immobilization Device

MINIMIZING RADIATION DOSE TO THE HEART THROUGH USE OF THE ALPHA CRADLE® IMMOBILIZATION DEVICE John J. Smith, BA, RTT Gary J. Schreiber, MD St. Francis Hospital Evanston, Illinois INTRODUCTION The role of radiation therapy for non-small lung cancer is controversial. Weisenberger et al1 in the randomized Lung Cancer Study Group trial noted no increase in […]

Alpha Cradle HS3 Thoracic Modification For Breast & Chest Wall Patients

ALPHA CRADLE®  HS3 THORACIC MODIFICATION FOR BREAST & CHEST WALL PATIENTS Max Buscher Tufts New England Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts The majority of patients needing breast or chest wall irradiation are treated with opposing tangential photon fields. The problem of the sloping chest can be solved by collimator rotation or an angled breast board. Collimator […]