The Building of Free-Form Customized Immobilizers with Alpha Cradle ® Foaming Agents

THE BUILDING OF FREE-FORM CUSTOMIZED IMMOBILIZERS Max Buscher Tufts New England Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts The immobilization required for patients’ limbs or achieving the decubitus position can be solved using the Smithers Medical Products ALPHA CRADLE® MOLD MAKER II, polyform bag and foaming agents. This department has been using a different method which has advantages […]

Treating Lung Patients with Hands Over Their Heads with Alpha Cradle® HS2 Forms

Treating Lung Patients with Hands Over Their Heads with Alpha Cradle® Forms Sheila R. Polansky, RTRT University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, Texas The purpose of this paper will be to demonstrate the necessity of the ALPHA CRADLE® brand Patient Repositioning System, specifically, the head and shoulder 2 form, HS2, while resolving three specific problems. […]

The Challenging Extremity

THE CHALLENGING EXTREMITY Sandi Williamson Regional Cancer Center Erie, Pennsylvania The ALPHA CRADLE® system is a unique device that can help simplify the sometimes complex and difficult extremity setup. The possibilities of uses vary as vastly as the variety of patients. So to take the challenge out of the challenging extremity, try an ALPHA CRADLE® […]

Immobilization and Treatment of Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy for Extremity Soft-Tissue Sarcoma

IMMOBILIZATION AND TREATMENT OF PATIENTS RECEIVING RADIATION THERAPY FOR EXTREMITY SOFT-TISSUE SARCOMA By Kim L. Light, RTT, CMD Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina INTRODUCTION Soft-tissue sarcoma arises from mesenchymal tissue and accounts for less than 1% of cancers treated in most oncology centers. These tumors show no prevalence in any particular sex nor […]

Repositioning and Immobilizing Extremities with Alpha Cradle® Forms

REPOSITIONING AND IMMOBILIZING THE EXTREMITIES AND MISCELLANEOUS TREATMENT SITES Jeffrey Vincent Kostich, President Smithers Medical Products, Inc. North Canton, Ohio ALPHA CRADLE® BRAND PATIENT REPOSITIONING SYSTEMS UEF, LEF, HND, K-9 Several forms have been developed for repositioning and immobilizing the extremities and miscellaneous treatment sites for successful treatment of sarcomas located on the patient’s extremities. […]

Kyphotic Treatment Set Up: Immobilization and Flattening Techniques Using Alpha Cradle® Forms

KYPHOTIC IMMOBILIZATION AND FLATTENING TECHNIQUES USING ALPHA CRADLES® Marlene Henrichs, RT, Radiation Therapy Student Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, Nebraska Three major factors challenge each radiologic science technologist when treating patients in their department. First, immobilization problems can ultimately determine treatment success rates. Secondly, proper alignment including position of the beam and flattening of […]

Medical Device Regulations and Trademark Use

MEDICAL DEVICE REGULATIONS AND TRADEMARK USE Jeffrey Vincent Kostich, President Smithers Medical Products, Inc. North Canton, Ohio If I could add one requirement to the successful completion of any type of medical degree, I would require that each individual take a course detailing the law regarding medical device regulations and trademark use. Additionally, I would […]