Alpha Cradle HS3 Thoracic Modification For Breast & Chest Wall Patients

ALPHA CRADLE®  HS3 THORACIC MODIFICATION FOR BREAST & CHEST WALL PATIENTS Max Buscher Tufts New England Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts The majority of patients needing breast or chest wall irradiation are treated with opposing tangential photon fields. The problem of the sloping chest can be solved by collimator rotation or an angled breast board. Collimator […]

Breast Positioning Device For Patients with Large Breasts

BREAST POSITIONING DEVICE FOR PATIENTS WITH LARGE BREASTS UNDERGOING RADIATION THERAPY Gunilla C. Bentel, RN, RTT Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina INTRODUCTION Several studies have shown that local excision followed by radiation therapy in the management of early stage breast carcinoma yields results that are similar to that of a radical mastectomy.1,4,6,7 An […]

Unusual Positioning with the Alpha Cradle® Brand Patient Repositioning System

UNUSUAL POSITIONING WITH THE ALPHA CRADLE® BRAND PATIENT REPOSITIONING SYSTEM Marcia L. Alonso Mario Branco, DGC Susie A. Romano Rosana T.R. Anselmo Regina G. Lopes Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein Sao Paulo, Brazil A 75 year old female patient with severe sifosis was diagnosed with carcinoma of the left breast and underwent a mastectomy. Due to […]